Pop-up events

CHC meetsCHC talks

Our “meets” and “talks” are occasional pop-up events organized in Croatia, usually hosted by different structures, free of charge and accessible to everyone, from our official members to interested public and potential future members.

The main aim of CHC meets is learning from others and getting inspired from like-minded people working in the creative sector. We are interested in gathering local communities and presenting them with the work and living philosophy of our guests often coming from abroad, living, or just passing through Croatia. In this way we wish to promote the work of artists, NGOs, social enterprises… show unconventional ways of working and thinking and empower local youth.

CHC talks have for the main aim to create an environment to talk about a specific subject related to arts, culture and cultural management in order to introduce new concepts and encourage participation in our current and future projects. Our objective is to function horizontally, rather than vertically, which means that we invite everyone to take part and be active, breaking the traditional hierarchical structures and making stronger social impact.