CHCstories: Lanificio

CHCstories: Lanificio

Creativity comes in different forms, and sometimes something that seems incompatible makes the perfect combination. Last month we visited a different creative space in Rome, where art, music, entertainment and catering mix together in a perfect synthesis of a production center and a creative laboratory.

Lanificio is an unusual and fascinating industrial complex converted to an artistic complex, located on the bank of the Aniene river, between Nomentana Street and Tiburtina Street in Rome. Large space of more than 3500 m2 is established in the former woolen mill – Lanificio Luciani. Although situated outside of Rome center, it is easy to reach by public transport and definitely worth a visit. Its industrial attractiveness is in symphony with the surrounding landscape which makes a great environment for work, inspiration and networking.



Today Lanificio consists of several spaces, which include a furniture workshop “Oficcina”, club “Lanificio 159”, and “Cucina”, the restaurant. A short history goes like this: the space first opened in 2007 with club Lanificio 159, which was meant to host private parties in the beginning, but it quickly became one of the most representative places of Roman clubbing culture, and started to combine club night with the production of exhibitions, events and performances. In 2009 a new multifunctional space devoted to dance and the performative arts, Lanificio Performa,  was opened and today it is occupied daily by D.A.F. and Spellbound Contemporary Ballet. In November 2011, the restaurant Lanificio Cucina was inaugurated, dedicated to experimentation of creative international cuisine based on innovation, research and special attention to the raw material, focused on the choice of biodynamic products.



In 2012, alongside the opening of the Lanificio Expo, designed for temporary exhibitions and performances, the promotion of artistic and cultural activity of Lanificio Officina starts. This original lab of furniture organizes creative workshops related to its core business, in addition to research, creation and restoration of furniture that make-up the furnishings of the enclosed restaurant. Since 2014 the 1,000 square meters on the roof terrace of Lanificio is open to the public. The project, initiated two years before as Orto, is transformed into a new scenographic space for the Roman summer. From May to September, the terrace is hosting the summer festival FERIA.




Since 2007 to nowadays, Lanificio159 has become one of the landmarks of the clubbing scene in Rome. The artistic direction collaborates with leading local promoters and emerging professionals in order to propose events that consider the developments and trends in electronic music. Lanificio159 breaks the oxymoron culture-disco, carrying on artistic choices focused on entertainment and inspiration of its public. Every event is conceived and organized to be part of an organic path of innovative and sophisticated sound discovery. The club hosts live performances, small live concerts designed ad-hoc for the format for kids and families on Sundays, and even handicraft events.

These events are related to their manufacturing heritage, offering four Sundays a year which are all dedicated to Italian designers and creative craftsmanship. These events are designed to be both fair-market, free workshop area for children and adults, street food event, musical entertainment with live and DJ sets.



Lanificio Officina, on the other hand, is an original furniture atelier combining the passion for traditional craftsmanship with design culture. Here you can find furniture on sale, professional advice for your setting-up, and an internal production. The workshop is open to daily visits and everyone is welcome.

Lanificio is definitely a place capable to transform according to the needs of its public, to share events and experiences. The space is functional to accommodate any kind of events: private parties and corporate events, conferences, presentations, cocktails, photo and movie shootings, performances exhibitions, temporary shops. With the experience gained since 2007 in the organization and realization of events, they provide support in the design and expertise in the development of the most eclectic projects. Having the club Lanificio 159 and the restaurant Lanificio Cucina, the performing school nearby, ensures a wide range of technical and artistic services.

If you want to know more about Lanificio, check their website, Facebook and Instagram.



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