#2 – Communities of Practice and Participatory Approach to Governance

February 8th 2018, 19h
Saltwater Workspace, Zrinsko-Frankopanska 1, Split

In our rapidly changing societies, especially in the communities where the lack of opportunities, resources or the failure of democracy present major obstacles for the alternative culture and initiatives to flourish – we need more than ever to believe that the future that we imagine and actively shape together is possible. How can we create a climate in which ideas, projects and people with different backgrounds nurture and inspire each other? How can we use new methodologies as the art of hosting – dialogue and conversations to foster collective learning for more collaborative, sustainable and innovative solutions?

CHC talks #2 dealt with these and other emerging questions about the communities of practice and the participatory approach to governance which is challenging the existing power relations, breaking hierarchical structures and making stronger social impact.

We explored this wide subject from the standpoints of an NGO (Marina Batinic, CHC), a local authority (Antonija Eremut Erceg, Project Manager, Majdan-Solin) and a social enterprise (Michael Freer, ENSOCO) and we’ve got an insight into different approaches, tools and experiences. It was a great opportunity to interact with likemided people who have joined the event, answer their questions and motivate them to further explore the participatory approach in their everyday practice. We are looking forward to future events and empowering our communities together.


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