Adopt a space

In the framework of the “Voids2020” project, apart from using the spaces as open studios for invited artists, we have decided to invite all citizens and other civil society organizations in Split to get involved in the initiative, “adopt” one of the spaces and shape the city during the winter.

A series of cultural and creative events will take place throughout the project in spaces that are otherwise used for touristic purposes. Some of the planned events are artists talks organized by the CHC. Everyone is invited to use the other available time slots in the open calendar and submit an activity proposal. We will offer you the space that is most appropriate. What do we expect? Suggestions can include workshops, presentations, meet-ups, courses … share your hobby or skill with others.

Note: These are limited capacity spaces (used as souvenir shops in summer). The number of participants is therefore from 10 to 15. Use of the premises is free of charge and proposals are received until the calendar is filled.

You can check free dates in the calendar and adopt a space by filling-in the short form.

For any additional questions please contact us at:

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