About us

CHC is a non-profit organization officially founded in January 2017 in Split, Croatia. In the initial stage of development, not being physically restricted to one city, working from different parts of Europe and at the same time being a “hub”, for us meant wider opportunities for collaboration – creating multidisciplinary, community-led joint cultural and creative initiatives in partnership with different stakeholders. From the very beginning, our goal was to establish a physical creative hub in Split inspired by other existing examples from the rest of Europe: an independent space made by and for the community.

After strenghtening our capacities through joining European projects, sensing and building our community, we reached that milestone in July 2021. To learn more about our creative hub PROSTOR, visit the dedicated website.

As a non-profit organization, we are open for partnership proposals, especially within the European programmes Erasmus+ and Creative Europe. We consider cultural and creative sector as an important tool for development and cross-sectorial innovation therefore we are interested in wide range of topics, especially participatory art, sustainable cultural heritage revitalisation, urban regeneration, education and capacity building, social entrepreneurship, creative economy etc. 

As a platform, we also support our members to initiate their own projects and use CHC as an “umbrella” organization, as long as their values correspond to our own. The members can also become part of our freelancers’ base and get the opportunity to collaborate with us on projects, depending on their skills and profiles. 

The membership in CHC association is virtual (you can join regardless of where you are based) and free of charge. Fill-in the application here or reach us at info@culturehubcroatia.hr and send us your CV if you wish to join the freelancers’ base.

Annual reports: 2017 | 2018 | 2019| 2020 | 2021

Marina Batinić

Marina has a B.A. and M.A. degrees in Art History and English Language and Literature (University of Split, Croatia); M.A. in History, Archaeology and Mediterranean Arts (University of Perpignan, France) and an M.A. in Cultural Heritage Management (joint French-Spanish degree from the University in Perpignan and Balearic Islands, Spain). She has been working as a cultural project manager for the last five years and her past work experience includes several NGOs, the University of Perpignan (project manager for the Europe for Citizens programme), the European Commission (Bluebook trainee, DG DEVCO – International Cooperation and Development, Knowledge Management Unit) and the Cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine (Ecole de Chaillot – International actions department in the framework of the program “Profession Culture” by the French Ministry of Culture), Paris, France. She has been engaged as a freelancer guide and cultural mediator at Kanal – Centre Pompidou and currently is the research coordinator at the SME Edgeryders in Brussels, Belgium.

Jasmina Šarić

Jasmina has obtained her B.A. and M.A. degrees in Art History and Philosophy at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Split and an M.A. in Curating Art, including Management and Law at Stockholm University. She has been working as a freelance curator for years, currently performing a research on curating “other spaces”. Her most recent curatorial work includes project Tails. Jasmina’s previous working experience includes the University of Split (international relations units), NGOs (consultant for projects in the field of arts and culture), art field (Gallery Studio 21, Tensta Konsthall, Supermarket Art Fair, apexart) and European Commission (Bluebook trainee in Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency). She also worked as a curator in Lauba, Zagreb. She is experienced in preparation, management and evaluation of European projects. 

Kristina Tešija

Kristina has obtained her B.A. and M.A. degrees in Philosophy and Croatian Language and Literature at Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Split and finished Youth Studies programme organized by the Croatian Youth Network. She has been working as a teacher, teaching assistant, and sign language interpreter and communication mediator in various elementary and secondary schools. Experienced in non-formal education, she has participated in numerous Erasmus+ projects, working on subjects including arts, creativity, media, democracy, social impact and intercultural dialogue. She has worked as a radio and web journalist for different NGOs, covering topics regarding independent culture and art. Currently, she works as an editor and host at a community radio KLFM, as a freelance theatre critic and moderator for different events and discussions in film and creative industries in Split, Croatia. She is a member of the Croatian Association of Theatre Critics and Theatre Scholars, and was a member of the Council of Culture for music and performing arts for the City of Split.