ReFresh+ Creative BootCamp 

The creative bootcamp is organized in the framework of the Refresh+ project. It will bring together 14 young artists from five countries who will meet for the first time. CHC is leading and moderating the bootcamp focusing mainly on community building, team collaboration and establishing creative synergies among the young interdisciplinary artists. 

The group of young European artists is selected on the basis of an open call by the artistic directors of the project. Their profiles, backgrounds and practices are diverse but their motivation and interest in cultural heritage is what they have in common. As part of the Refresh+ team they will engage in creative reinterpretation of sites and legends in Slovenia and Romania. They will be divided into two teams of 7 artists to work in these two countries. Their task is to produce collaborative artworks linking cultural heritage with different forms of artistic expressions which later can be placed on the market as cultural products.  

The main objective of the blended bootcamp is to facilitate the future artistic co-creation and provide useful tools and methods which the artists will be able to re-use for the team work in the next phase of the project. In the first online part (May 2021), we facilitate networking, meeting and sharing sessions – the first encounter of young artists. In the second, offline part (beginning of September in Split), we take advantage of the historical city of Split, inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List and we use the Diocletian’s palace as the basis for the creative work and experimentations. We expect that this will contribute to better understanding between the artists but it will also allow them to test co-creation solutions and find methods that will suit them best as a team. Bootcamp consists of three stages combining online and offline encounters: Discoveries (online); Urban Explorations (offline); Creative Synergies (offline). It is designed and moderated by the CHC team together with the involvement of the invited guests, young inspiring artists from Croatia: Elena Štrok and Lucija Klarić. 

5 – 6 May 2021 (2 days online) 

The first stage of the Bootcamp (Discoveries) is organized online in two working days. It is dedicated to breaking the ice and getting to know each other. It involves discoveries on the personal and professional levels as well as sharing of inspirational stories. We use different methodologies to introduce artists to each other, to discover their practices, personalities, habits, aspirations and motivations. The expected outcome of the first stage: the artists are familiar with each other and are getting inspired from their artistic practices, cultural backgrounds and other presented examples of creative interpretation of legends, storytelling and cultural heritage. They are more familiar with the Refresh+ project and with expectations in the upcoming period.


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Split, Croatia / 7 – 11 September 2021

The second part of the Creative BootCamp will last for three days and it will be held in Split, Croatia. It will consist of the second and third bootcamp stages: Urban explorations and Creative synergies.


Urban explorations

Engaging in the co-creation process first requires getting to know the place: its history, legends, customs, and people. However, the limited time in the city for the Bootcamp doesn’t allow acquiring in-depth knowledge needed for any meaningful creation. Therefore, we design the participatory activity for which the historical city of Split is taken as a point of departure but the co-creation process involves imagining alternative realities in line with urban games principles – “experiences” in public settings that are part game, part performance art, and part sociology experiment.

This activity will be led by the artist Lucija Klarić and the workshop will allow the group to connect, establish communication and interact with the environment, the local community, and the visitors. The participatory activity will take the form of a hybrid workshop consisting of both physical and online aspects. This will allow the participation of a higher number of people, also those who are not present in Split.

Creative synergies

During the last two days of the bootcamp, the artists will engage in experimental co-creation in groups. First we will implement a participatory activity designed and led by the artist Elena Štrok . The objective of the second session of the TTEXPNo1 workshop is creation of stories through symbolism of the past and present. 

On the last day of the Bootcamp, the artists will be given the preparation documents with details about the sites and legends in Slovenia and Romania. This day will be dedicated to studying them and preparing the outline for the future work. The final session will be dedicated to drawing key learnings, reflecting and providing feedback.

Some of the activities in the Creative Bootcamp programme will be open to the public, so we welcome you to join us:

8/9, Wednesday

16 – 17h  / Participatory activity – alternative realities in the historical center led by Lucija Klarić

19:30 – 20:30h / Round table: Cultural heritage, storytelling and alternative realities

Showcasing the outcomes of the workshop with Lucija, inviting the citizens to join the digital map by sharing their own alternative realities of the city. Invited guests Ivor Igrec and Meri Vesanović, together with Lucija Klarić, discuss the topic of creative heritage interpretation.

10/9, Friday / 20:30

Peformance and exhibition opening in Prostor by Elena Štrok