We offer

Educational programs adapted to your needs

We offer tailored training and capacity building workshops and courses in domains of cultural management, heritage, cultural tourism and other related fields, adapted to your specific needs. Our innovative and sustainable approach consists of identifying those needs and elaborating adapted training program for your target groups. We collaborate with national and international experts and we believe that the transfer of knowledge and expertise from the rest of Europe is the right way to tackle challenges our cities and regions currently face, as well as to empower civil society and youth and build capacity of cultural professionals in Croatia. Contact us for inquiries!


Consultancy and project management

We offer administrative and technical assistance to public or private institutions, NGOs or artists who need support in applying for European funding (especially for the Erasmus+ and Europe for Citizens programs) or implementing projects at the local or European level. We also facilitate finding international partners and funding opportunities for your ideas.



Promotion of your work

Are you an artist or an artisan, young creative individual?

We can help you promote your work at the national and international level. Together with our team and in collaboration with a social enterprise ENSOCO, we are developing a pilot project with a goal to make local art more visible and accessible to potential buyers. We invite you to join this initiative!