Peripheral network


In partnership with:
Association for Culture “Beat” (coordinator of the project) and partners:
  • Elementary school “Ante Starčević”, Dicmo
  • Elementary School Dugopolje
  • School of Fine Arts, Split
  • Academy of Fine Arts, Split
  • Music Association “P.I. Čajkovski”, Dugopolje


The project “Peripheral network” is intended to encourage and develop creativity among children and young people who are concentrated on the outskirts of Split and thus less exposed to the impact of cultural institutions. The aim of the project is to enable this specific group of participants, through non-institutional educational programs, to develop creativity and social skills and actively participate in cultural life. The project promotes integration and socialization of the children and young people of different age and psychophysical and social characteristics. With a series of art workshops, musical workshops, educational lectures, exhibitions, concerts and organized gatherings, and in cooperation with 4 partners and 5 cooperative institutions the project will contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of children and youth and their social inclusion.


In the scope of the project, Culture Hub Croatia will contribute with the following activities:
  • art workshops for children
  • organized exhibitions and gatherings: participatory organization and preparation of communication materials
  • workshops and educational lectures for high school students including introduction to cultural management and cultural policies
    The aim of the workshops is to encourage students to reflect on their role in shaping the cultural life of the city, fostering critical thinking and creativity, formation and expression of their own opinion; thinking about their own profession and possibilities for further work by reflecting of their role in the society and how their contributions have an impact. Using the methodology of participatory leadership, by working in groups with open discussion and free exchange of the ideas, students have an opportunity to create and think “out of the box” in a non-formal setting, by gaining soft skills, teamwork and leadership skills.
In all of our activities, we use innovative, participatory approach and methodology including project-based learning and techniques that develop creativity, critical thinking and formulated expression in children and youth.


The project is to be implemeted in school year 2018./2019.
The project is supported by the Croatian Ministry of Science and Education, through the programme for non-formal education and training