Through establishment of wide European partnership and joining international networks, our mission is to act in three interconnected fields:


  • to provide innovative and sustainable educational opportunities to the local Croatian communities and to encourage creativity and art as a teaching methodology

  • to increase the number of trained professionals and cultural management specialists by organizing trainings and capacity building programs in collaboration with European partners

  • to increase the quality of life-long learning in Croatia


  • to create and join international networks and foster new collaborations

  • to provide assistance in applications for projects on the European level as well as their organization, implementation and evaluation


  • to promote local art, artistic and artisan practices through developing an art market in Croatia and through creating new opportunities for partner projects

  • to provide support to cultural professionals, artists and interested individuals in finding funds, planning and implementing projects



> Croatian cities and local governments <
> Art, culture and cultural heritage professionals <
> Artists and artisans <
> Young students and unemployed individuals <
> Youth, children and vulnerable groups <


Annual report 2017 (avaliable in Croatian)

Annual report 2018 (avaliable in Croatian)