CHC meets

Our “meetings” are occasional pop-up events organized in Croatia, usually hosted by different structures, free of charge and accessible to everyone. The main aim of these events is learning from others and getting inspired from like-minded people working in the creative sector. We are interested in gathering local communities and presenting them with the work and living philosophy of our guests often coming from abroad, living, or just passing through Croatia. In this way we wish to promote the work of artists, NGOs, social enterprises…show unconventional ways of working and thinking and empower local youth.

Interested to present your work or host an event in Croatia? Contact us!

CHCmeetsKIP, February 22nd 2019., Academia Club Ghetto, Split

CHC meets MJ1177, April 23rd 2018., Amosfera Coworking, Split

CHC meets Remote Year, June 21st 2017., Wip Coworking, Split

CHC meets INVISIBLI, May 22nd 2017., Kocka Club (Yard), Split