To consider cultural and creative sector as an important tool for development and cross-sectorial innovation.

In the upcoming years, our mission is to create a space for common dialogue and exchange of ideas among motivated, creative individuals who want to make a difference by implementing various innovative interdisciplinary projects for the benefit of our target groups and community as a whole. We, as a platform, act as facilitators in making those ideas and projects come true through collaboration and international networks.


Our long-term goals:


  • to offer educational programs adapted to the needs of the cultural and creative sector in Croatia

  • to increase the quality of life-long learning

  • to promote art and creativity and support development of art market in Croatia

  • to create networks and foster new collaborations

  • to support joint actions and empower youth

  • to offer work spaces for artists, freelancers, small businesses and everyone who wants to explore other ways of working

  • to make all this happen in a unique creative space in Split. Call to all owners of abandoned buildings… 🙂


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