1. The central portion of a wheel through which the axle passes
  2. The focal point
  3. (Computing) A device for connecting computers in a network

“A creative hub is a place, either physical or virtual, which brings creative people together. It is a convenor, providing space and support for networking, business development and community engagement within the creative, cultural and tech sectors.”


(Definition provided by the British Council, Creative HubKit)





The Platform, in our case, is an approach to teaching creativity – a learning environment, which allows the creation of new knowledge constructions in terms of creative ideas and processes. It is a mental workplace for interdisciplinary, intersocial and intercultural groups.

It is about engaging in the experience of creating something together with other people. Everyone can use the Culture Hub Croatia to make their projects happen, as long as they correspond to our values.

We are a non-profit organization officially founded in January 2017 in Split, Croatia. Not being physically restricted to one city, working from different parts of Europe and at the same time being a “hub”, for us means wider opportunities for collaboration – creating multidisciplinary, community-led joint cultural and creative actions with a social impact. All our projects and activities are based on partnerships.

Our long-term goal is to open a physical creative hub in Split inspired by other existing examples from the rest of Europe. An independent space made by and for the community.

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