Short-term installations

Katarina Šoškić / Tourist Agency

Split, Nepotova 1 (exchange office), January 30 & 31st 2021, 16-19h

“The Tourist: zones, seasons, and fields in between” is a working title of Katarina Šoškić’s ongoing study at the University of Applied Arts, where she is a candidate for PhD in Artistic Research since 2016. It serves as a sample for her investigation on the tools of research, namely photography and written word, their codependency and potential necessity. Through layering of narratives she tests possibilities of subjectivity, curious what this approach could bring to the general production of knowledge. “Tourist Agency” is an audio-video installation that reflects the second stage of this research, its questions and insights.

Mia Kevo / Common Sense

Split, Nepotova 1 (exchange office), February 14th & 15th 2021, 16-19h

Common sense can be conceptualized as / third space / open space / collective space, as something that belongs to all of us through the spatial configuration of our own being / our own body. The spaces of mine and ours activities thus become points where the tourist agency or exchange office, the so-called third space / open space / collective space is revealed as an opportunity to create a place of possible encounter through creative action. By transforming the original role and the original reasons for coming to this already purposefully defined space, physical and mental spaces are questioned, so that entrances and exits into the space of the third become real and imaginative, concrete and abstract, and metaphorically reflect the emptiness faced by each person / society.

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