Young Artists Refreshing Heritage Sites and Legends (ReFresh+)

Creative Europe Project, 10/2020 – 10/2022

In partnership with:

  • Association of Historic Towns of Slovenia, Škofja Loka (SLOVENIA);
  • Moldova National Museums Complex of Iasi, Iasi (ROMANIA);
  • University Foundation San Antonio, Murcia (SPAIN);
  • University of Applied Sciences, Turku (FINLAND).


The aim of the ReFresh Plus project (ReFresh+) is to contribute to promotion of the European cultural heritage and economic development of the culture and creative sectors. The project specific objectives are:

1) Promoting cultural heritage of the partner countries and exploiting its creativity, artistic, innovation and development potentials. Europe’s rich and diverse cultural heritage is a powerful resource that can strengthen European identity and create a sense of belonging. With this project we intend to build on tangible and intangible cultural heritage of the cooperating partner cities and regions and explore possibilities of how heritage and performing, visual and other types of arts can be combined in an innovative way to help raise visibility and attractiveness of the heritage to different audiences.

Young artists from five countries and of different cultural backgrounds will come together to learn, share and reflect on intangible heritage, in particular legends and traditions and get inspired by them. Through a facilitated process, two multi-cultural teams of young artists will elaborate co-creation strategies and produce new artworks/performances linking cultural heritage and different forms of art expressions: theatre, music, dance, digital arts, film, video. In their work, the artists will build on these traditions and link them with contemporary societal challenges as they perceive them.

2) Taking advantage of transnational cooperation for building capacities of young artists for an independent international artistic career and market positioning. Culture and creative industries have the power to generate jobs and transform communities. The project intends to explore ways of how international mobility of artists can help strengthen skills and capacities for the young artists to work internationally, to strengthen their networks and improve their position in the international art market scene. Capacity building activities aimed at young artists will focus on the development of skills to work in multicultural teams, to effectively engage in co-production processes, to assess the market potential and develop and test strategies for increasing the economic potentials of their art and creative activities.

3) Strenghtening international cooperation between culture and educational sector actors in providing quality support to the young artists for their growth. This objective provides the link between the previous two. In order to ensure opportunities for the young artists to get international experience and to better position themselves, they need a favourable support environment. The project thus provides an opportunity for joint activities of different types of partner organisations and wider stakeholders.

In the Refresh+ project, CHC is leading the pre-production workpackage and is responsible for the general art direction. One of the major activities that we are designing is the creative BootCamp planned for April/May 2021, in Split. It will bring together 14 young artists from five countries who will meet for the first time. We will be leading and moderating the bootcamp focusing mainly on community building, team collaboration and establishing creative synergies among the young interdisciplinary artists.

The main objective of the five-day bootcamp in Split is to facilitate the future artistic co-creation and provide useful tools and methods which the artists will be able to re-use for the team work in the next phase of the project. The local creative community and the general public will be invited to participate so stay tuned for the updates!