Recycle, Upcycle, Share

11/2021 – 08/2022

Supported by the Croatian Ministry of Science and Education


In partnership with:

  • Primary School “Bol”, Split

Educational and creative project “Recycle, Upcycle, Share” aims to educate children about the importance and different ways of recycling, inspire them through practical work to adopt the principles of “zero waste” and motivate them through ambassador roles and games to share the knowledge and practices gained through the project with their surroundings, family and friends – indirect participants of the project. The project consists of three modules, designed for three target groups: lower elementary school classes (students in grades I-IV), upper elementary school classes (students in grades V-VIII) and one class with pupils with disabilities, of the primary school “Bol”. 

Three modules and their aims:

  • RECYCLE – an interactive educational program based on understanding recycling symbols, different types of waste and recycling methods to raise awareness about the importance of separating and recycling waste in general;

  • UPCYCLE – hands-on creative workshops of repurposing of objects, materials and textiles to encourage creativity in children and raise awareness of the importance of reducing waste and showcase different ways of reuse and upcycling of waste; 

  • SHARE – ambassadors program involves play and use of digital technologies with the aim of sharing theoretical and applied knowledge for the purpose of project’s sustainability and greater impact on the immediate environment. This module is the link between the first and the second module – the students through ‘missions’ throughout the year complete specific tasks and present them at the end of the project with other outcomes at a public event and exhibition. 

All three above mentioned target groups participate in all three modules of the project which are specially designed and structured on the basis of an individual approach, and adapted to the age, interests and abilities of pupils. During the school year, the groups of students participate in this educational and creative program developed in cooperation with interdisciplinary experts – project team and in consultation with the teaching staff of the partner school “Bol” in Split, in order to achieve the highest quality implementation plan that is consistent with the school curriculum and in accordance with the needs of pupils with disabilities as one of the main target groups. 

Through a total of thirty interdisciplinary activities, project participants will have the opportunity to learn and create together a better, more conscious and sustainable environment, and the themes of ecology, recycling and sustainable development will be brought closer to them using and combining elements of play, art and creative expression, with an emphasis on encouraging creativity and learning through hands-on work.


Interactive game: “Ecology ambassador” (in Croatian)

Dice template (for print)

Cards (for print)