Presentation of the results and closing of the workshop

September 10th 2019., Dom Kulture, Ivanić-Grad

Final presentation


In the framework of the International workshop “Mapping and Documentation of Industrial Heritage” in Ivanić-Grad (31/08-11/09/2019) in partnership with the Association Friends Heritage and other local partners, our volunteers presented their work and the results of the workshop on September 10th in the Cultural Center of Ivanić-Grad.

The Mayor of the City, the sponsors and the representatives of the industrial companies engaged in the project were present, together with Mr. Bert Ludwig, the director of European Heritage Volunteers who presented the work of the organization in other fields and countries.

The volunteers talked about their 10-day experience and presented the results of their efforts to valorize the industrial heritage – a prototype of the website containing the ID cards of each building mapped as well as the objects from the archives, interesting newspaper articles and short stories of the former workers they interviewed, emphasizing the social aspect of the industrial heritage.

To assure the continuity of this project, the Friends of Heritage announced the second phase – the launch of the participatory virtual museum.


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