PEC – Podcast Employ yourself in Culture

Erasmus+ project

KA220 YOU Cooperation partnerships in youth. Call 2021

In partnership with:

  • Asociación Cultural Integra (Spain)
  • Associazione Arte Cultura e Sanità ETS (Italy)
  • Associazione Italy Meet Indonesia (Italy)
  • Stepp Strategie Servizi Sviluppo SRLS (Italy)
  • Mosaic Politismos & Dimiourgikotita (Greece)
  • Enterpreneurship and Social Economy Group (Greece)

The project aims to promote awareness among young people about employment and entrepreneurship opportunities in the cultural sector through a podcast program by interviews in video format, available to the public, through a website and social networks. These interviews will be carried out with relevant people in the world of culture, such as historians, archaeologists, anthropologists, museum directors, tourist guides… etc.

This way, the project intends to face the challenge posed by the high youth unemployment rate in the project’s partner countries (Spain, Greece, Italy, and Croatia), as well as to highlight the importance of European cultural heritage, to value it, preserve it and spread it. In fact, an activity planned during the project is the recording of a podcast program in which employment and entrepreneurship opportunities in the cultural sector are made known. This program will be available in multiple languages, as well as the interviews in video format.

Furthermore, the project aims to give a boost to the cultural sector, heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, promoting its attractiveness to young people, not only as something worthy of admiration and respect but also as a source of opportunity to be employed and spread it.

During the project, a training event will be held aimed at youth workers from partner countries specialized in the world of culture, in order to provide them with new tools and methods to facilitate the job search for young people in the cultural sector, as well as highlighting entrepreneurship opportunities and the importance of preserving Europe’s cultural heritage.

Multiplying events will also be held to expand the impact and scope of the project. These events will consist of conferences in which the results of the project will be announced. Cultural associations, the media, local partners, and the general public interested in culture and the employment and entrepreneurship opportunities offered by the sector will be invited to them.

Target group:

This project is intended to reach young participants who manifest their interest in European culture in general, and in the ancient culture in particular (archeology, museums, exhibitions… etc).
This way, the project will be disseminated in training centers related to this matter, such as, among university students of history, archeology, anthropology, tourism, arts, music, art history… and also among students of vocational training and workers in the field of youth-related to the subject.
In addition to this, the project will be disseminated among local partners to contribute to the dissemination of their target audience (museums, theaters, cultural centers, entertainment rooms, archaeological excavations… etc).