Community events

Each year we partner with the European Heritage Volunteers and in collaboration with local partners in Croatia, organize international workshops in the field of heritage. We use these international workshops to raise awareness about the importance of a particular heritage site by organizing community events. These events are a unique opportunity for local communities to engage, learn something new about the sites from their surroundings and exchange knowledge and experiences with international participants. Events usually consist of open-doors day, presentation of similar heritage examples from countries of the participants and the final event in which the results are presented and discussed with the locals. Discover the events in Kastela (2017) / Rijeka (2018) and Ivanic Grad (2019).

Our partners, European Heritage Volunteers, organize since many years volunteering and educational activities at heritage sites. These projects, which take place all over Europe, adopt a hands-on approach, instructing volunteers on conservation and restoration practices and techniques, as well as providing training courses in handicrafts, projects for students, volunteer camps and other activities with the intent to educate the participants and to raise awareness in the field of cultural and natural heritage.


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