CHCstories: Knackeriet

CHCstories: Knackeriet

In autumn 2017, we started our peer2peer scheme where we are visiting creative hubs around Europe and meeting their representatives and coworkers. Our wish is to give an insight in the inspirational places on the international level, and during the next couple of months, we will be presenting several creative hubs in Europe. First stop – Sweden!



We’ve met Olga in June 2017 during Creative Europe Morning event in Zagreb, where she was presenting her co-working space Knackeriet in Stockholm. We stayed in touch and were more than happy to be able to visit them this fall.

Olga is a founder of and is one of about 50 coworkers in Knackeriet, most of them mainly working within fields of web, design and bussiness.

The idea for Knackeriet started when a small group freelancers who shared a rented space decided to change their environment. After moving to a new space, their community started to grow and today they have around 50 coworkers on a daily basis, while Knackeriet is being voted as “Best Office Space in Sweden 2015”.



Located in central Stockholm, in the Old Town (Gamla Stan), Knackeriet is easily to be reached by local transport, bikes or just walking from central puncts in Stockholm, which makes it attractive for both „Stockholmers“ and international freelancers and expats.

The building is connected to a large and beautiful garden, known as „the most secret garden in the Old Town“, with magnolia trees blossoming in the spring. This is the oldest neighbourhood in Stockholm,  an area where commerce and entrepreneurship have been present for more than 800 years. The building itself is a national heritage of the highest classification in Sweden, a so-called “Statligt Byggnadsminne”. The oldest parts of the building date from 1420, while later in 1771 the building became  an office for the Royal Numbers Lottery – “Nummerlotteriet”, founded by King Gustav III, who also founded the Opera and the Swedish Academy.



The space spreads over 2 floors in total of 600m2 making it spacious and comfortable, with central room with sofa and desks and a couple of smaller rooms with desks around. Previously, the space had a very non-personal, office look. After furnishing it and decorating with things found and bought from the rich Swedish second-hand scene, the space created a warm and welcoming athmosphere. Details such as a vintage phone, carpets and old suitcaises contribute to the personality and uniqueness of the place.



Largest room in the coworking space is called „the Bellman Room“ and is often used for meetings. Its interior dates from around 1780-1790 and is still well-kept. The hand painted wallpaper is from the 1930’s.

There are also a bunch of other rooms at disposal for coworkers in Knackeriet, making this place really feel like a home: a kitchen, a shower, and even a small vintage decorated phone-room where you can make your calls or skype meetings undisturbed. But what we liked the most is a little coin-library where you can share your books and read.



Members of Knackeriet have an access to the space 24/7. Members pay a fixed price, which is not dependent on the overall number of people sharing the space. Knackeriet strives to keep its community intimate, so the membership committee meets monthly to admit new members when space is available. There is also an office manager employed, and another two additional part time office managers that jump in if needed.

Every now and then, Knackeriet organizes a lunch or a day-out-of-the-office for its members, or even go swimming in the summer (in their bathrobes, available in the space for everyone!). Enough said, we accidentaly came on the lunch day! 🙂



Knackeriet is more a community than just a coworking space, a charming and unique place to develop your creative idea!

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