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Independent in Precarity 

Online, via Zoom, February 17th 2021, 19h

How can non-institutional structures create and influence new modalities of operation? How can we sustain ourselves in our precarity?

“Independent in Precarity” is a series of talks about in/co/dependency and possibilities for small-scale art organizations in the region and Europe.

First talk was held on February 17th, via Zoom and live-streamed on Culture Hub Croatia’s Facebook page.

Participating initiatives:
– Brodac Gallery, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Mak Hubjer)
– U10, Belgrade, Serbia (Sanda Kalebić)
– Pararoja, Tirana, Albania (Olson Lamaj)

The footage is available here:


On Circling / Katarina Šoškić

Online, via Zoom, January 30th 2021, 19h

“On Circling” was the first in the series of CHCtalks in the framework of the project Voids2021. On the first day of the programme, we hosted Katarina Šoškić and talked about her ongoing artistic research “The Tourist: zones, seasons and fields in-between”, particularities of touristic landscapes and tourist gaze and how she relates her personal experiences as a tourist with the ones of a photographer and a researcher.

Katarina Šoškić is an artist and photographer from Belgrade, based in Vienna. She is interested in the potency of an image – the way its narrative qualities could be employed to question social structures. She uses photography and words to research and analyze social phenomenon, culture and subculture, impacts of tradition and history, construction of social roles and underlying psychological mechanisms. The choice of taking certain position, possibilities of switching points of view and questioning the diversity of possible truths she finds most challenging in her work. Since October 2016, she is a candidate for PhD in Artistic Research at the University of Applied Arts Vienna with her ongoing investigation on traveling, tourism and coastal tourist zones. Parallel to this, she works as a photographer commissioned in the field of portrait, fashion and reportage photography.

The footage is available here:

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