Open-doors Day (Rijeka)

September 25th 2018, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMSU), Rijeka

International workshop “Innovative Interpretation of Industrial Heritage”


Since the involvement of the local community is of great importance for this project, we opened the doors of our workshop and gave the chance to the local inhabitants and wider community to meet the volunteers and the technical leaders, discover their work and contribute to the outcomes of the project with their proposals and suggestions for the innovative interpretation of the former Sugar Refinery Palace and the motor ship “Galeb” which will be converted into cultural spaces of the Municipal Museum of Rijeka.

The open-doors-day was an opportunity to meet our team of nine volunteers coming from eight different countries: Germany, China, Russia, Italy, Chile, Taiwan, Croatia and Hungary, share experiences and contribute to elaboration of proposals.

On September 25th we welcomed visitors in our workspace at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in the former Rikard Bencic complex, right in front of the Sugar Refinery building, from 14h-18h.


Find out more about this workshop here.