Industrial Heritage Intepretation

September 24th & September 28th 2018., Delta Lab, Rijeka

International Examples & Final Event: presentation of the results

In the framework of the International workshop “Innovative Interpretation of Industrial Heritage” taking place in Rijeka from 16-29th of September, in partnership with the Centre for Industrial Heritage of the University of Rijeka and other local partners, our volunteers had two public presentations inviting local community to join the discussion:

On Monday 24/09 (17h-19h) the participants presented good practice examples of heritage interpretation from their countries. This was an opportunity to learn from international practices and discover inspiring projects from Germany, China, Russia, Hungary, Chile, Taiwan and Italy.

On the last day of the workshop, Friday 28/09 (17h-19h), this international team of young professionals showcased the results and their proposals for innovative interpretation of the two sites: former administration building of the Sugar Refinery and the motor ship “Galeb”.

Find the full report HERE.