#4 & #5 Community call: Afterwork drinks

April 17th 2020, 19-20 h
Online via Jitsi




Because in these moments, we need community and networking the most. Whether you are spending this quarantine time alone, with family or roommates, we all need to socialize and meet some new people at least in this way, virtually.

About what?

As the title suggests, this is an informal get-together online with a glass of something you normally drink after work 🙂 We give you the opportunity to suggest a conversation on any topic and spend a Friday night in a relaxed atmosphere.

For whom?

For all open-minded people, artists, professionals and amateurs in culture, CHC members and those who are not … this is an opportunity for us to get to know each other better and maybe find some new forms of collaboration.


Online via Jitsi


On 17th of April, some great people (and a few pets) joined us for the CHCtalks “afterwork drinks” edition.
The call lasted for almost two hours, and we touched on a variety of topics from new quarantine habits we adopted to some new creative ideas that we will continue to develop together. Thanks everyone for hanging out with us, the next (international) community call will be on Friday, 15th of May.


May 15th 2020, 19-20 h
Online via Jitsi



This month’s “afterwork drinks” edition will be organized in English to allow our international friends to join!

The quarantine measures are slowly changing, depending where you are…some of us are still obliged to stay at home, while others are going back to work. We are faced with new challenges of adapting to this new world…Socializing, sharing thoughts and feelings and meeting new people at least in this way, virtually, is helping us to cope. Join us with the glass of your favourite drink 🙂

Online via Jitsi