Remote Year

June 21st 2017, Wip Coworking, Split

Making of – Community Artwork



Remote Year brings together 50-80 inspiring professionals, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and adventurers to see the world as they never have before during an unforgettable year of personal and professional growth. Participants (called “Remotes”) live and work in a different city around the globe each month. One of their stops is Split. We met them in the amazing space WIP Coworking on Žnjan!

Among them we have talked to Ariela Kader, a young artist, a curator and an art educator, who introduced us to the making of a community artwork.

Ariela was born in Costa Rica and currently living in New York. Her work is focused around the idea of consumption, often using garbage in her projects. Check out her work HERE.

In 2009 I made one of the biggest changes in my life, I switched the green for the gray, I moved from San Jose, Costa Rica, to New York, USA. When I say “green” and “gray”, I am not only referring to the real jungle versus the concrete jungle, but also to the different ways in which people interact with each other, and how differently they consume and throw away in these two cities. I strongly believe that we are more what we throw away than what we consume. I see trash bags on the streets as portraits of the people who filled them in, I use plastic bags as a way to tell a story about a particular place in a particular time, I see trash as everyone’s resource rather than everyone’s problem and I see inspiration where people do not even look.

The participants had a chance to collaborate with Ariela and together make art work which reflects her philosophy.