May 22nd 2017, Kocka Club (Yard), Split

Creative Thinking Workshop

How to think outside of the box and unleash your full potential?



In this creative workshop held in collaboration with Invisibli we introduced a few creative methods to allow ourselves to become more aware of parts of our ways of habitual thinking which we were previously unaware of – the first step to allowing ourselves to unleash and make use of our full potential!

Through interactive exercises the participants got a taste of how understanding and becoming aware of our emotions plays a key role in allowing us to understand more about ourselves and what kind of thinking is keeping us from following the heart and doing and getting what we truly want – not what we “think” we want – in life. The goal was to allow all participants to go home with simple practical techniques to use in everyday life to start unleashing our true potential!

About the workshop leader:

Elliy Peng is a Taiwanese-American in origin, former student of theoretical physics and cosmology at Université Paris-Sud and graduate with honours in Physics and Psychology at Yale University. Elliy is the founder and designer of the conceptually inspired clothing label Loop Theory, and a founder of Invisibli, a global organization with the mission of reminding ourselves to see the world with the heart, thereupon actively promoting peace, connection, and positive change through empathetic understanding.